• Geography Made Fun!

      A customizable train trip across America with trivia, jokes and tidbits along the way all based on the unique character of the United States.

    • Play Anywhere!

      Ride the Busy Train on your computer, your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Live internet connection not required.

    • Mini-Games!

      “Concentration”, “Build a Train” and “Load it Up” – reinforce what you’ve learned and explore educational concepts all while having fun.

  • Plan Your Trip

    Pick three, five or seven destinations from the map to explore and hop aboard the Busy Train for a great geography adventure!

  • Get to Know America

    At each stop you will see a stylized postcard with the state flag, capital, cities, landmarks and monuments, produce grown and industries.

  • The Engineer

    The friendly engineer will serve as your guide on this folksy trip and will share some interesting facts along the way.

  • Customize Your Train

    Earn points to decorate your train with paint, icons and more.